Videos from Samurai High Grades and Masters competition 27/8/15.

Training October 2013

Wai-Lee O-Ouchi gari into the wall mat

Paul Ko-Ouchi gari onto the wall mat

Richard Ippon-Seonage onto the wall mat

Ross Ippon Seonage onto the wall mat

Low Grade/Open Grade Junior/Senior Championship — April 2013

Harvey Hughes  who won a gold in the Open Grade Juniors.

Ander Williams won a gold in the Low Grade Juniors.

Senior Kyu Grades Open – 23 May 2010

Congratulations to Jack Champney who won Silver in the +73kg category, and Matthew Clarke who won Bronze in the U73kg. Below are videos of both of them fighting.

Jack Champney 2nd fight

Matt Clarke Fight 1

Jack vs Matt

Midland Area Green Belt and below championship 26 April 2009

Well done to all those who entered the competition. In the Senior section Adam Nixon won Silver in the U73kg category and Cammy Shields won Bronze in the U81kg. Great results as it was their first competition and they fought really hard to get the result. Well done also to Josh Plant, Max Hibbs and Joe Harte who fought in the junior event but were all unable to reach the medals with very stiff opposition. Videos below of both Adam and Cammy.

Adam Nixon

Cammy Shields